Keep business card

Keep Backpacks Business Card

Spiilka Design Büro designed these business cards for Keep. In January 2016, Spiilka Design Büro was approached by We Are Able, a Ukrainian brand of backpacks, who was hoping to update their outdated logo.

A design research was conducted in order to figure out how the brand was being perceived by their customers and in what direction should the design team follow when developing a new visual identity for We Are Able. It was discovered that the naming at hand was pretty hard to pronounce, and the product itself was often associated with camping backpacks and travelling gear.

Spiilka Design Büro decided to fix this misconception. Thus, they developed a new brand strategy from scratch and decided to reassemble the brand on a new platform with the insight built upon the universal urban backpacks.

The new visual identity should speak about convenience, urban environment, and Keep products. Also, it had to be versatile, flexible, simple and minimalistic.

The chosen colour scheme for the business card appeals to the colours of Ukrainian cities: the green color of metro tokens, construction fences, and pale grey shade of panel buildings, and city roads.

Spiilka Design Büro wanted to check whether the new style is scalable and easy to work with. It seems like their mission is accomplished successfully – a trendy, minimalist design that’s pleasing to look at!

Keep backpacks business cardkeep backpacks packaging design

Designed by Spiilka Design Büro

For Keep

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