Karen Hill Laser Cut Business Card

Karen Hill designed these business cards for her personal branding as a multidisciplinary designer interested in product design.

“I recently acquired my Masters degree in Industrial Design. I needed a clever card to advertise my biggest selling platforms,” Karen said.

“I create custom art, jewelry and car stickers. My biggest and most popular piece was an IronMan suit made from poptabs and chainmail.”

“The ‘Poptab Ironman’ suit took thirteen months to create. It was 26lbs of aluminum, over 4,500 poptabs.”

“With my cards I was prototyping the best way to get my three important platforms onto one card; website, etsy, and Instagram.”

“Getting regular business cards made can be expensive. I’ve heard of people making their own with some card stock from a craft store and a laser cutter so I tried the same.”

“This laser cut card is thicker and more unique. It stands out more which is a big plus.”

Karen’s business card design is definitely unique and leaves a lasting impression to those who’ve seen/held it.

In case you’re wondering which card design did Karen choose, “I definitely decided on the cards on the left as my final choice.”

“The cards without borders can get easily snagged putting into a wallet or a pocket. Also I didn’t like the font on the bottom right.”

“The best part about making your own business cards with a laser cutter is that you can customize the shape, ‘getting out of the box’ if you will.”

“I’ve made other cards that are cut in the shape of Arizona. No one else will have that.”

“One of my very first card designs was for my first art business called Koyote Khains. I played with business card papers, trying to figure out how to fold it into a coyote.”

“And I did, so on the back of my cards are little dotted lines of fold and cut lines.”

“It’s kinda asking for my card to be destroyed, but I think it would stay on a desk a little longer.”

“I have some of those left, but I haven’t put them on my Instagram.”


The Printing of Business Cards

Karen’s business cards were not printed, instead they were cut and etched with a Universal Laser cutter.

“There are an abundant amount of maker spaces, and universities with laser cutters for people to use.”

“People who have access to a laser cutter can design and cut their own business cards.”

Speaking of the material for her cards, Karen explained that she used black mat board.

“One side of the board was white, the other side black. The ‘website address’ was cut out, but the ‘Instagram’ and ‘etsy’ designs were etched out.”

“When you laser etch over the black mat board, it burns off the black, leaving the white underneath exposed.”

Karen also suggested that this process can be done with other dual colored mat boards and thick paper. Great idea!


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Designed by Karen Hill

For Karen Hill personal branding

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