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Kagura Sustainable Clothing Business Card

Miki Grujic designed these business cards for Kagura, a high-end clothing brand producing eco-friendly pieces made from natural fibres.

Kagura’s mission is to provide customers with fashionable, high-quality garments that are also comfortable to wear.

Their products are designed with quality and durability in mind, reducing the need for frequent replacements and having less impact on the environment.


A Premium Yet Eco-Friendly Brand Image

Miki was entrusted to create a new brand identity for Kagura that not only reflected their values of sustainability but their dedication to creating stylish and sophisticated clothing as well.

The business card design is part of the rebranding. According to Miki, they need to express the same brand values as well.

“We wanted the business cards to look premium, elegant, and luxurious.”

“Also, it’s important for them to show the brand’s unique personality and its eco side.”

“That’s why we used recycled paper and added floral illustrations on the front side of the card.”


Logo Design and Typography

Miki chose a beautiful serif font, Calliga, for the logo to emphasise the brand’s high-end image.

He explained, “Calliga is a very elegant typeface, and it evokes a sense of trust and respectability.”

Miki customised the letter “G” to give it a more unique, stylish and natural look.

“The letter ‘G’ is a glyph from the Moredya typeface, with customized ends to represent the eco side of the brand.”

“I replaced it to give more personality to the logo and create a focal point that captures attention.”

Montserrat is used for the body text.

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Earthy Colour Palette and Floral Pattern

In terms of colour, Miki selected earthy tones that echo Kagura’s commitment to sustainability.

“The maroon/burgundy colour is a very exclusive and luxurious colour that helped to convey the stylish and sophisticated clothing the brand offers,” he said.

A floral pattern was created and used across all branding materials, including the background of the business cards.

“It was designed with a specific brush technique to give more personality to the brand and make it stand out and appear more eco-friendly.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed on 450 gsm recycled paper with a rough paper texture.

Miki shared, “We wanted people to feel the unique texture when handed the business cards, leaving a lasting impression.”

“Everything on the contact info side of the card is letterpressed for a more luxurious and premium feel.”

All in all, this is strategic branding that comes with a stylish business card design that helps to establish Kagura as a sustainable and sophisticated clothing brand.


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Designed by Miki Grujic

For Kagura

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