Jürgen Nobels business cards

Jürgen Nobels Consulting Business Card

Maxime Yde designed these business cards for Jurgen Nobels, an independent consultant in the field of beverages and hospitality.

“Jurgen mainly focuses on creating drinks, mostly high standard cocktails for brewing companies and consulting with new and innovative bars and concepts concerning specialty cocktails and drink,” Maxime said.

Speaking of the design process, she continued, “Jürgen asked me to make a brand identity for him because he was a fan of the line drawings I make (next to my applied graphic design) and the simplicity of my work. We quickly decided on using the line drawings as an important key element in the branding, since they are drawings from some of his favourite ingredients and tools to use.”

Jürgen Nobels illustration

The card design has a clean and simple look. Abstract drawings inspired from food and beverage related items, such as orange slices and swirls, sage leaves and a cocktail spoon, are playfully positioned on the back design of the card.

“We decided to go for a clean, minimal look with a natural feel to it – it just felt right. Jurgen is full of knowledge but stays modest – do the right thing with the right tools and you get a good result. I opted for a Japanese style design that complements my drawings.”

Also, the logo with the middle line representing the client’s role as soundboard for his consultancy clients.

Jürgen Nobels wordmark
These business cards were printed by Plek & Pedaal, a local printing company in Ghent, Belgium.

“Since we wanted the identity to be as sincere as possible, we opted for a simple digital print but on Crush paper – made from recycled waste from corn, which is used in brewing liquor – closing the loop,” Maxime said.

Jürgen Nobels business cards

Designed by Maxime Yde at Studio Waaij

Printed by Plek & Pedaal

For Jürgen Nobels

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