Julia Kurowska business cards

Julia Kurowska Fashion Designer Business Card

Bison Studio designed these business cards for Julia Kurowska, a Polish fashion designer.

Since Julia was a child, she enjoys designing clothes. She defines herself as an artistic soul, who’s also independent, spontaneous, boldly playing with colours and using only the highest quality materials (mostly natural).

“Julia buys and keeps the materials for a long time, waiting for the proper moment and project to use them. So, you can always find some interesting fabrics in every corner of her apartment,” said Agata Łobaczuk, the Art Director of Bison Studio.

Julia Kurowska product

Brand image & Inspiration

The business card design is part of the branding to fit into the specific frames of the fashion industry.

“The design idea is to express a brand where products are exclusive, sewn from the best quality materials, with attention to every detail and made for a specific customer in single copies.”

“The overall branding is depicting values such as: femininity and contrast/opposites. Just like different personalities clash in a woman; combination of fabrics in Julia’s design, e.g. very thick, stiff with a visible structure combined with a very airy, light, thin, semi-transparent material.”

“The use of initials as an element graphically supplementing the entire identification – a pattern to be used on linings, scarves or wrapping paper for ready-made clothing designs. The inspirations were taken from: fauna and flora, well-known fashion houses, Aztec and Far East culture.”

Julia Kurowska illustrationJulia Kurowska pattern

Colour Palette & Typography

According to Agata, the colour red was chosen mainly because of its meaning in the culture of the Far East and also because it’s vivid, intense and energetic.

There’s also beige used as a kind of background. “Julia often uses it in her projects. It’s also very light, smooth, delicate, and feminine – in contrast to this very intense redness. The brand’s colour palette is complemented by yellow and turquoise.”

The typography used in the visual identity is Glassure. “The font colour is mainly black. We chose quite crazy, unobvious typography in the logotype to break even more frames dedicated to the fashion industry. We added simple GT Walsheim Pro to make it easy to read and understand.”

Julia Kurowska logo

Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed by Kolory, a print and design studio in Kraków, Poland.

“The papers used are Curious Matter Desiree Red 270g and Remake Oyster 250g. We were looking for a vivid, red paper and found this one. The red side of the business card is representing the world of fashion, luxury, professionalism while the beige side, the natural materials, lightness and handicrafts.”

“We also wanted to approach the subject in a contrasting manner, as in the sign itself and in Julia’s works. Also, there’s a black foil hot-stamping to make the card look more glam and high fashion,” Agata added.

Julia Kurowska business cardJulia Kurowska1Julia Kurowska2Julia Kurowska tags2Julia Kurowska catalogue

Designed by Bison Studio

Printed by Kolory

For Julia Kurowska

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