J&T Construction business cards

J&T Construction Business Card

Marsi Designer designed these business cards for J&T, a construction company.

The company was founded by two friends, Júnior and Tony. For two years, they have been providing customers with quality renovation services (for bathrooms, kitchens and roofs), painting services and extension construction.

J&T Construction logo

Logo Design

According to Marsi, the business card is one of the first means of communication that the customer will have with the brand. Furthermore, the brand wants to be recognized in the construction market and become a future reference within the field. Therefore, the card was designed to be simple but objective, containing all the brand information on the back.

“After research, we were able to obtain a result that conveyed the whole essence of the brand. One of the research topics for the creation were the letters ‘J’ and ‘T’ – the initials of the partners’ first names (Júnior and Tony),” Marsi said.

J&T logo construction

“In addition, the idea was to use the representation of a ‘beam’, which in construction is used to support the slab and distribute the weight of the roof between the columns, but also because it is the base that supports the entire construction.”

“The symbol conveys balance (in a simple and meaningful way) and has great visibility. From the visual identity, one can define J&T as a strong, solid and complete company that’s capable of making dreams come true.”

Colour Palette & Typography

Although the client decided which colours to use in the visual identity, Marsi opted for the usage of dark and light blue for a better contrast, while white to bring more sobriety to the brand.

To make sure it shows the same strength as the graphic symbol, a custom typography was created for the brand’s logotype.

J&T Construction logo & logotype

“The type needed to be solid and strong, while equally showing authenticity and originality,” Marsi explained. “We included more personality with a design full of innovation.”

As a result, the sans serif typography of ‘J&T’ – in bold capital letters – presented a strong and unique brand!

These business cards have not been printed yet, but if they were, “The finish of the card will be velvety, better known as ‘soft touch’, leaving the mark with another level of sophistication,” Marsi suggested.

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Designed by Marsi Designer

For J&T Construction

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