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Joywhen Floral Studio Business Card

Yu Fan Ye designed these business cards for Joywhen, a Taipei-based floral studio.

In conjunction with its fifth anniversary in 2022, Joywhen decided to have a branding makeover to better reflect the company’s values.

“The goal of the rebranding is to convey the joy of flowers accompanying us throughout our lives, which is the core value of Joywhen. It hopes to connect people through each bouquet of flowers,” Fan said.

“Even if a flower has a limited lifespan, the thoughts and wishes it leaves behind can still be remembered and last a lifetime, extending the meaning and significance of each given flower.”

JOYWEN_bouquet2JOYWEN_flower card2

Logo Design & Typography

The business card design uses two colour combos of orange and white to better present a joyous image with a nice contrast. The logo depicts a joyful dancing flower. According to Fan, the design method is transformed into a simple, abstract shape.

“The logo is also like the ‘silhouette’ element accompanied by sunlight, which extends to more varied brand patterns,” she said.

“The overall vision brings out a warm and vibrant atmosphere through the pure white transparent colour and the conspicuous orange colour block.”

The typography used for the logotype is NewYork and Gill Sans Regular is used for the body text.

JOYWEN stationery

Joywhen’s Printed Materials

Joywhen’s flower transparent card is designed with the concept of a bookmark in mind. When it’s saved and used, it also seems to prolong the vitality of the flower.

The flower card is created using a thin paper and a full transparency film. The pattern (inspired by flower petals) not only creates shadows with light but also creates a scattered petal effect through the stacking of different materials.

Joywhen’s business cards were printed on Keaykolour paper (from UK company Arjowiggins) via a letterpress printing technique with two inks.

Joywhen business cardJoywhen flower cardsJOYWEN_wrapping paperJOYWEN_wrapping paper designJOYWEN_flower-wrappingJOYWEN bouquet

Designed by Yu Fan Ye (a.k.a. Fan)


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