Journl Lifestyle App Business Card

Gordon Reid designed these business cards for Journl, a lifestyle app that organizes your whole life in one place, rather than having notes, calendars, etc.

“Journl was a really fun project to work on. They wanted to build the brand around one key visual that was full of bright illustrative graphics that all had significance to their brand,” Gordon said.

“This acted as a metaphor for how busy and crazy life is. Then in the middle of the key visual was the Journl logo, signifying harmony.”

“The team had a really strong idea so working with them was brilliant! Once we had the key visual it was all about rolling out the branding which included the cards, lots of printed collateral and digital, website and social.”

These business cards were printed by IST printing. Gordon had some good words to say about them,

“I’ve used IST for years. Ian who runs it has always been great with working with the best card stock and does some amazing foil blocking.”

“Our collaboration has really helped – by adding a beautiful extra touch to the brand and business cards.”

“My favorite technique is foil blocking onto GF Smith thick card, 240gsm upwards so that the card makes an instant impact and more people are inclined to keep it in their wallet rather than throwing it away.”

“You need that wow factor and instant hit when you give someone a card. It’s really important for brand growth.” How true!

Designed by Gordon Reid of Middle Boop

Printed by IST printing

For Journl

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