Josh Walker Graphic Designer Business Card

Josh Walker created these business cards for his self-branding as a Bristol based designer and illustrator.

“The design inspiration of the business card was pulled from my personal traits and things that I like in my day to day life, such as colours, shapes and typography,” Josh said.

“I landed on simple, clean with a hint of playfulness which I think sums me up in a good way!”

“I also researched trends and noticed that Classicism is becoming the new Modernism, meaning darker shades are replacing the white landscape.”

“Who doesn’t like to be on trend?!”

The large typography on the card and the vibrant orange colour are sure to make a memorable impact, while making a fun yet bold statement about Josh’s creativity.

These business cards were printed on thick 400gsm uncoated paper to give a rich and tactile texture.

“I used MOO for their great quality and service!’ Josh shared.

“There is a scope to apply an emboss on the ‘Graphic Designer & Brand Creative’ text but all in good time!”


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Designed by Josh Walker (Crank)

Printed by MOO

For Josh Walker personal branding

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