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Jorge Alvarez Graphic Designer Business Card

Jorge Alvarez designed these creative business cards for his personal branding as a concept artist, graphic designer and illustrator.

“I was looking for a unique way to approach my clients. Then, I came up with the idea to combine elegance and cartoon in the same card – in a way never seen before,” Jorge said.

“It will show what I do in a friendly way and at the same time trying to leave a lasting memory in everyone that opens the card.”

Jorge Alvarez folded business card

Jorge’s business card is so unique that one wonders how it was made in the first place!

When the card unfolds, Jorge’s very own caricature greets you with his contact information neatly displayed out.

This sure is a fun, unique way to show potential clients how much Jorge wishes to work with them and how serious he is about his work.

We wonder if there’s a designated shop to carry out all the card-printing?

“At any print shop really, I’ve been printing this cards all over Europe as long the paper is 300 grs, gloss and takes some folding around will do. I take care of all the assembly later on.”

“You need a cool idea first and a nice design,” Jorge continued, “Here I applied the techniques you would use in a pop-up book mixed with mechanisms inspired for my background as an Industrial Designer, made this card work so well.”

We couldn’t agree more!


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Designed by Jorge Alvarez

For Jorge Alvarez personal branding

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