Jezuicka16 business card

Jezuicka16 Restaurant Business Card

Motyw Studio designed these business cards for Jezuicka16, a restaurant and garden in one of the most beautiful parts of Lublin’s old town.

In addition to serving seasonal vegetarian dishes, the garden at Jezuicka16 is a venue for cultural events and meetings.

“The visual identity fits in with the surrounding architecture and greenery of the garden. In other words, it doesn’t compete with the space around it, but rather it helps the brand communicate with its customers,” said Michał Martynowski, the Creative Director of Motyw Studio.

Jezuicka16 business cards

Motyw Studio did a great job with the logo design. They incorporated both the restaurant’s address and the OK symbol into the design, which is clever.

“As for the visual language, it is based on illustrations of plants taken from public domain collections and simple geometric forms referring to the architecture of the interior and the garden.”

The typeface used for the logotype is Lineal while the body text uses Benton Sans Wide.

The colour palette was inspired by the garden and surrounding architecture of the restaurant.

These business cards were printed by Kolory in Kraków using digital and screen printing techniques.

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Designed by Motyw Studio

Printed by Kolory

For Jezuicka16

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