Jenifer Bernardes business cards

Jenifer Bernardes Graphic Designer Business Card

Jenifer Bernardes designed these business cards for her personal branding as a graphic designer specializing in brand design and social media design.

Jenifer’s expertise is to create creative and strategic solutions for small and large businesses. She helps clients to add value and recognition for their brands in the market.

When asked about her design inspiration, Jenifer explained, “I have a huge passion for nature and the universe, so I felt I needed to convey this into my personal brand.”

Jenifer Bernardes business card

The business card design has a natural and organic vibe. Although minimal, it has an eye-catching (no pun intended) logo and a beautiful colour palette.

Speaking of the logo, if you think it’s merely an ‘eye’ symbol, well, it actually has more elements to it!

“The symbol is the combination of an eye, the sun and the moon. The eye represents my creative look as a designer while the sun and moon symbolize the universe,” Jenifer said.

“Besides that, all the colours, graphics, stickers and typography reflect my passion for nature and my personality.”

Jenifer Bernardes logo

The typography used for the logotype is called Okemo. It’s a modern serif font that’s both bold and retro.

These business cards have not been printed yet. However, Jenifer did share with us her printing suggestions if they ever get printed.

“The cards would be printed on 300g coated paper using 4×4 colour, with matte lamination and spot varnish. The card’s size would be 8.8cm x 5.08cm,” she said.

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Designed by Jenifer Bernardes

For Jenifer Bernardes personal branding

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