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Jason Kinouchi Graphic Designer Business Card

Jason Kinouchi designed these professional, trendy business cards for his own personal brand.

This was a self-promotional project which started with a desire to approach his brand with a strong typographical approach.

“I was fortunate that some of the letters in my name seemed to accidentally mirror each other when written out over two lines,” Jason explained.

“They just seemed to fit together nicely like a jigsaw, so I went with it.”

“Having been born in Japan, minimalist design was always a big influence on me growing up, and I think this comes across in these business cards.”

Kinouchi Square Business Cards

These business cards were printed by AFP Design & Print, a printing service specializes in hot foil print in Manchester.

According to Jason, they were incredibly helpful in the printing process, and he was overjoyed with the quality of their print.

“I wanted to make a big impact with these cards and the best way I knew I’d be able to achieve this was by using a heavyweight cardstock from GF Smith. The marks were applied with hot foil printing using black and silver foil.” Jason said.

There’s no doubt these thick, square-cut business cards can make a lasting impression while offering a classy, contemporary vibe!

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Designed by Jason Kinouchi

Printed by AFP Design & Print in Manchester

For Jason Kinouchi (personal-branding)

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