Jasmin business cards

Jasmin Restaurant Business Card

Hungry Studio designed these business cards for Jasmin, a Chinese restaurant in Slovakia.

Jasmin restaurant underwent interior reconstruction by Vallo Sadovsky Architects, a Bratislava-based architectural studio. Hungry Studio was asked to join the rebranding project for the restaurant.

“Since it was all happening at the same time – both reconstruction and rebranding – we were able to link together new visual of the restaurant with the interior design. For example, the patterns were inspired by the architectural element of the wooden wall,” said Ester Nemcová, the Graphic Designer at Hungry Studio.

Jasmin restaurantJasmin pattern
Apart from the geometrical pattern, the Jasmin logo is equally catchy to make people look twice!

“The logotype was made as a custom lettering and we soon saw a potential for developing it into a whole new custom display typeface, which we did. The additional typeface used for a longer text is called “Idealista” designed by Tomáš Brousil (Suitcase Type Foundry) which turned out to be a really good fit for the rest of the visual identity: so unconventional and infinitely interesting,” Ester said.

Jasmin logo Jasmin business card
These business cards were printed by Prikler Print Atelier on creative papers from Arjowiggins paper company and in this case, custom made triplex paper. Metallic red hot foil stamping was then applied to both sides of the card for that stunning appearance!

Jasmin business cards

Designed by Hungry Studio

Printed by Prikler Print Atelier

For Jasmin Restaurant

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