Japan Food business cards

Japan Food Sushi Restaurant Business Card

Flavia Virga designed these business cards for Japan Food, a sushi restaurant that serves modern Japanese plates and sushi, with delivery service.

Japan Food takes the traditions and heritage of Japanese cuisine and mix it with modern European cooking techniques to create a world class dining experience.

Japan Food logo

The business card design is minimal but striking with its choice of colours. It is designed to portray a modern, fun and evocative brand image.

Speaking of the logo design, Flavia said, “The logo was inspired by the onigiri shape and, obviously, the chopsticks are widely used in oriental cuisines. The brand identity’s style is contemporary.”

Japan Food_plate and cardsJapan Food_box

The typefaces used in the business card design are Bebas Neue and Chinchilla. The former is modern and geometric while the latter is a hand-written font. Both are a nice contrast to the branding. The colour palette consists of red, black and cream/beige.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “The pattern on the front would be printed with glossy effect while matte lamination for the entire card,” Flavia suggested.

Japan Food business cardJapan Food business cardsJapan Food_ipad Japan Food_phonesJapan Food_packaging setJapan Food t-shirtsJapan Food packaging set2

Designed by Flavia Virga

For Japan Food

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