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JAAM Furniture Designer Business Card

Vaida Totilaite designed these business cards for JAAM, a design company based in Norway, created by iconic furniture designer Jahn Aamodt.

According to Vaida, the logo and business card designs should both convey exclusivity, competence, creativity and passion. Subsequently, the cards can help JAAM stand out in B2B meetings and furniture design fairs.

The logo design contains strongly stylized and modified letters of “J”, “A” and “M”, which are all part of the company’s name.

JAAM logo

“The shape of the logo itself was inspired by the original furniture design samples created by the owner of the company,” Vaida explained.

While the logotype was custom-designed, the body text used is called Questrial. In addition to being an open font with a modern style, it also looks fresh and light.

“The font is simply beautiful, with full-circle curves on many characters that make it highly readable and easy to use anywhere,” Vaida added.

In this design, red stands out as the most prominent colour, creating a striking contrast. Vaid continued, “The colour red perfectly stands for classic design and passion, whereas white symbolises modernity and an open mind.”

JAAM business cards_2

Another element that makes the business card unique is none other than its single rounded corner. It echoes the style of the logo while emphasizing the concept of exclusivity.

These business cards were printed by Elegante Press, a print shop in Lithuania.

JAMM’s business cards are actually double-layered business cards. Elegante Press produced them by using two sheets of different paper – pure cotton and premium red paper – printed in foil and letterpress. After that, the cards were duplexed, and then the printer rounded one corner of the business cards with a really big radius.


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Designed by Vaida Totilaite

Printed by Elegante Press


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