J and T Artistry business cards

J and T Artistry Wedding Photography Business Card

Thomas Clark designed these business cards for J and T Artistry, a boutique wedding photography and videography company based in New Jersey, USA.

J and T Artistry brings memories to life for joyous occasions such as weddings, engagements and holidays. Their card design is simple yet with a twist.

J and T Artistry business card_2
“The design is swift but elegant and whimsical. The design solidifies a level of professionalism while maintaining the fun nature of their company. The typography and colour palette supports these ideas,” Thomas said.

J and T Artistry business card_1
Speaking of the logo and illustration on the card, Thomas said, “The swift logo (but structured font) was created for the brand name. The hand and camera illustration adds the fun nature of the business as well.”

These business cards were printed by Cinematrocity in New Jersey. According to Thomas, the JT logo is glossy while the rest of the card is matte. The cards were printed on thick material to solidify a professional product.

J and T Artistry business cardsJ and T Artistry card_1

Designed by Thomas Clark

Printed by Cinematrocity

For J and T Artistry

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