Iona French business cards

Iona French Graphic Designer Business Card

Iona French designed these business cards for her self-branding as a graphic designer specializing in branding, illustration, typography and motion graphics.

Iona created the brand for ‘Designed By Iona’ to promote her design services.

The tagline ‘Graphic Design and Good Vibes’ can be seen throughout her visual identity as she wanted the brand to reflect her personality as well as her abilities as a graphic designer.

Iona French logo variations

Explaining more about the inspiration behind her striking design, Iona said, “The aesthetic of ‘Designed By Iona’ is inspired by ’70s retro surf designs.”

“The hand printed texture keeps the design looking organic, reflecting the relaxed, chilled mood.”

“A funky, quirky illustration of the sun combined with the lively colour scheme helps to convey the brands core values of positivity and good vibes.”

“The typeface chosen is called Cubano. I am a big fan of chunky type and I think it makes for a bold, eye-catching design.”

These business cards are yet to be printed but if they were, here’s how Iona envisioned them to be, “I would love for the cards to be printed on a thick, uncoated, off-white stock.”

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Designed by Iona French

For Iona French personal branding

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