Insights Research & Consulting business card2

Insights Research & Consulting Business Card

Sergio Figares designed these business cards for a consulting company, Insights Research & Consulting.

The company offers two main services: market research and business advisory (consulting). The company logo was created by joining these two concepts together, showing a pie chart and a lighthouse in the same symbol – clever use of negative space indeed!

Sergio had some ideas for the visual identity in general.

“For the design of the cards, we rely on the visual appearance of the different types of charts that are seen in the research reports.“

“Based on a grid that we defined, we can make as many variants as we want in order to always maintain the style and proportions, but giving it some variation.”

“Other pieces of stationery are based on other types of charts, such as bar charts, line charts etc.”

A QR Code is also included for the convenience of scanning and adding the contact details.

These 350gsm matt laminated business cards were printed by Insprinta.

“Our client is new in the market, made up of well-known and experienced people. That’s why we went for a classic matt laminated business card, which gives it a very sober and professional look.”

Designed by Sergio Figares

Printed by Insprinta

For Insights Research & Consulting

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