Inglenook Studio business card

Inglenook Wood Furniture Business Card

Ben Mottershead designed these business cards for Inglenook Studio, an independent company which creates bespoke hand turned ornamental furniture from solid pieces of locally sourced, reclaimed wood, based in the countryside of Derbyshire, England.

After maintaining a consistent turn over for multiple years as a result of local success, the business was looking towards the future in the hopes of creating additional sales growth via E-Commerce and extending the studios reach.

Hence, a brand refresh was required which would place them within a digital age while not losing the brands heritage in the process.

“Within the project development it was crucial to keep a heritage feel to the branding, along with elevating the company to have a new tone of voice and position within the marketplace,” Ben said.

“It needed to feel bigger, braver and above all confident.”

Inglenook Studio logo

As for the inspiration behind his logo design, Ben continued, “The final mark was created after studying the process of wood turning and witnessing the raw shapes that are produced.”

“It embodies the hands on nature of woodturning and the material used within the process, while at the same time feeling solid and strong.”

“The brand palette was intentionally stripped back to just a single colour to avoid confusion and be poignant in its delivery.”

“Its aim was to position the company to be a reflection of the natural materials it utilizes, while also allowing it appear more commercially minded and business orientated.”

The business card-printing was handled locally by the client, under Ben’s guidance, as one of the client’s acquaintances ran their own print studio.

“The cards were digitally printed onto a white, hammered paper stock at 400gsm.”

“The reason for the hammered stock was to create further tactility within the brand touch points,” Ben added.

Inglenook Studio business cardInglenook Studio packingInglenook Studio stationery

Designed by Ben Mottershead

For Inglenook Studio

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