Ines Rebelo facialist business card

Ines Rebelo Facialist Business Card

Próximo Studio designed these business cards for Ines Rebelo, a facialist based in Lisbon who offers high-end, tailor-made facials that redefine aging and allow individuals to embrace a youthful radiance.

Próximo Studio took charge of Ines’ branding project, including creating her business cards so that they could express her expertise and brand values effectively.

Filipe Guimarães, the co-founder of Próximo Studio, said, “Our client needed a strong identity that could reflect the smoothness of the skin and its subtleties.”


Logo Design

The business card design features a strong logo and contrasting typographic compositions, which is an interesting deviation from the traditional logomark approach when it comes to representing a brand.

Filipe explained, “We knew our client wanted to achieve an upscale look with her print materials.”

“So, we decided to draw attention to the subtleties of textures and contrast between a strong typographic logo and the way it’s applied in printing, so we kept out of any distractions.”

“By having the logo applied in white over light grey on the business cards and other print materials, they were able to make a bold statement while maintaining an elegant touch.”

“Also, our client’s brand is her name itself, and we believe that is enough of a statement.”

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Typography and Colour Palette

To capture the brand’s vision, Próximo Studio applies a sans serif font for the client’s logotype, and this is perfectly aligned with the client’s preferences as well!

“Ines had a clear vision of what she wanted. So, we delivered a strong typographic logo with a detailed accent that could work and complement the layouts throughout all print materials.”

When it comes to selecting the brand colours, Próximo Studio opted for shades of grey, spanning from a very light tone to a darker one.

“The idea behind this colour choice is to ensure a contrast against every skin tone and let the photography stand out.”


Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by a letterpress studio based in Portugal.

The cards were embossed and foiled in white on 350gsm G. F Smith Colorplan Pale Grey paper.

Without a doubt, these business cards serve as a testament to a brand image that combines simplicity and exquisite design, and is destined to withstand the test of time!


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Designed by Próximo Studio

For Ines Rebelo

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