Imprimerie Chauvat-Bertau business cards

ICB Printing Company Business Card

Studio Jeremy Charlot designed these business cards for Imprimerie Chauvat-Bertau, a French printing company with a wealth of experience spanning over seven decades since 1949.

Imprimerie Chauvat-Bertau (also known as ICB) is an expert in both digital and offset printing, as well as embellishment through embossing and letterpress techniques.

The business cards are part of the rebranding project for ICB’s visual identity. Not only does it have a unique shape, but foiling also helps ICB stand out and showcases their expertise in printing.


Logo Design

According to Jeremy, the logo is a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity.

“We were inspired by the wheels and cogs of old printing machines, which have nice curves and a rounded design.”

“Then, we decided to create a crest as the emblem for this printing company.”

“To do that, we used the letters of the acronym ‘I,’ ‘C,’ and ‘B,’ which we skillfully intertwined to create the crest.”



Typography and Unique Card Shape

The typeface used for the logotype is Charoe, an elegant sans serif font.

“The font was chosen for its composition of many conventional ligatures but in very modern forms.”

“It was important to always maintain a connection between tradition and modernity, since the printing company has been around for a very long time.”

The unique arch shape of the business card was Pierre’s idea, the owner of ICB.

“Pierre wanted the business card to have the same shape as the company logo.” Jeremy said.

The same shape was applied to all other icons on the card, including social media icons etc.

Imprimerie Chauvat-Bertau business card


Colour Palette and Business Card Printing

Imprimerie Chauvat-Bertau printed these business cards in-house on white coated papier (Condat) on one side and Colorplan Imperial Blue 350g on the other side, making them a duplexed business card of 540gsm.

“Since the client owns a printing company, he knows how to have fun with the logo on different materials and papers.”

“We played with hot stamping on the business cards, with one side used for the logo while the other covered the entire card.”

“With this unconventional use of hot stamping and the arch shape, we could create this ‘wow effect’ that’s sure to impress the clients.”

Apart from that, Pierre wanted to use dark blue for its visual identity.

Jeremy said, “So, we thought we’d make this blue contrast with copper hot stamping on the various communication media.”

With ICB’s printing expertise and Jeremy’s creativity, they were able to create a cohesive visual identity that represents the printing company’s history, elegant craftsmanship and modern approach!


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Designed by Studio Jeremy Charlot

Printed by Imprimerie Chauvat-Bertau (ICB)

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