ICAR front card design

ICAR Transportation Business Card

Foxtrot Studio designed these business cards for ICAR, a luxury transport company.

ICAR wanted minimalistic, sharp and premium looking cards. Foxtrot Studio handled the whole branding project from start to finish.

ICAR business cardICAR logo
“We’ve used beautiful black coloured in mass paper. On one side, we used hot stamping with holographic foil while on the other, we debossed logo with black foil. And as cheery on the top, we added same holographic foil on the edges,” said Adrian Chytry, the Graphic Designer and Co-Founder of Foxtrot Studio.

ICAR businesscards_3
It’s an edgy, stylish business card design for someone who wishes to leave a lasting impression.

These business cards were printed by Kolory in Kraków, Poland. Hot stamping method was applied to the cards with holographic foil, black foil and finally, the holographic edges for that maximum impact!

ICAR business cardsICAR businesscards_9

Designed by Foxtrot Studio

Printed by Kolory


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