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I Will Design For Food Graphic Designer Business Card

Jake Meyer designed these business cards for I Will Design For Food (IWDFF), a branding firm based in Atlanta that specializing in the food & beverage, lifestyle, and adventure industries.

Designing your very own business card can be tricky. For Jake, it’s all about understanding your own expertise and how you want your brand to be perceived, and set it apart from competitors.

“Because we primarily specialize in the food and beverage space, we wanted people to immediately associate that with us. Hence why we went with the butcher ticket concept,” explained Jake, the Founder & Creative Director of IWDFF.

“In addition, it implies that the cardholder is ‘next in line’ or they could be ‘our next client’. Also, by using metallic foils, beautiful uncoated cotton paper and letterpress printing, it communicates that we do upscale and refined work.”

IWDFF business cards2

Logo Design

Jake created a primary and secondary logo for the brand.

“The primary logo or wordmark is (the phrase) ‘I Will Design For Food’. We feel the play on words, I will work for food, is memorable not only because it’s self-deprecating and funny, but also because we design primarily for the food and beverage industries.”

“We created a secondary logo (the abbreviation) ‘IWDFF’ because we thought ‘I Will Design For Food’ can be a mouth full sometimes; which is why our domain name is iwdff.com.”

IWDFF logo2

Typography & Colour Palette

According to Jake, a custom typeface was created for ‘IWDFF’. For the primary logo, Simplo Soft is used while the body copy is Sentinel Bold.

“Overall, our design style gravitates towards a minimalist, contemporary but retro feel. So, we tried to incorporate fonts that communicated that.”

As for the colour palette used in the visual identity, “Navy blue, rose gold, and cream just look so good together that we couldn’t resist! We used this colour palette throughout our entire brand. We feel it not only looks fresh but the metallic foil gives us an upscale feel.”

IWDFF business card

Unique Shape & Card Printing Details

Apart from a distinctive shape, the card is also made into proper size for a good reason.

“We wanted our card to stand out and be memorable. Therefore, we went with a butcher ticket shape. People love it and comment on our cards all the time. Note that we made sure to keep it the standard business card size so it could still fit inside people’s wallets.”

These business cards were printed by Fresh Impression, a letterpress printing company in Panama City Beach, Florida.

“The card is a custom duplexed paper stock with navy and light grey cotton. 1-spot colour letterpress ink & 1-colour hot stamp foil on one side and 2-colour hot stamp foil on the other. Die-cut to shape.”

“We feel the end result feels refined, handmade, and playful,” Jake said. And we couldn’t agree more!

I Will Design For Food business cardsIWDFF business card2IWDFF business_cards

Designed by Jake Meyer at I Will Design For Food

Printed by Fresh Impression

For I Will Design For Food

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