Hull House Farm Cottage business cards

Hull House Farm Cottage Business Card

Emma Baker designed these business cards for Hull House Farm, a pet-friendly holiday cottage on a traditional working farm on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

For their newly refurbished holiday cottages, Hull House needed a set of new business cards that are simple, but impactful enough to leave a lasting impression.

Emma was approached for this project and what were the end results? An artistic, retro styled business card design that’s both memorable and unique!


Brand Image and Illustrations

Emma drew a number of sketches based on the cottage photos provided by the client.

She presented the client with her own ideas and visions while at the same time making sure the client’s requirements were fulfilled.

“The client wanted a simple design that captured the unique character of the old stone buildings,” Emma said.

“This was achieved through a detailed illustration of the cottages that highlights their distinctive stonework and features.”

“The overall design is simple and elegant, like the buildings themselves.”

Hull House Farm Cottage_illustrationHull House Farm Cottage_1



The typeface used for the logotype is Garamond.

Emma explained, “I chose an old-style serif typeface (Garamond) to reflect the age/history of the old stone buildings.”

“The typeface helps to convey a sense of tradition, while its soft, elegantly rounded serifs reflect the beautiful stonework/features of the cottages.”

“Garamond’s remarkable readability makes it highly suitable for the small descriptive text on the reverse of the cards.”


Colour Palette

The soft colours chosen for the business cards add a nice touch to the friendly, calming vibe exuded by the holiday cottages.

Emma stated that the colour palette is inspired by the cottages themselves (referencing the green painted doors) as well as the green rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales.

“The use of colour is minimal to ensure that the detail and character of the buildings/stonework remained the primary focus.”


Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed on uncoated, lightly textured premium cardstock.

“It reflects the high-quality accommodations and tactile nature of the old stone buildings,” Emma added.

Overall, these business cards have successfully captured the essence and charm of Hull House Farm with Emma’s impressive attention to detail.


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Designed by Emma Baker

For Hull House Farm Cottage

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