Horeca Talents business cards

Horeca Talents Recruitment Agency Business Card

Pixies Studio designed these business cards for Horeca Talents, a restaurant recruitment agency.

Horeca Talents aims to help clients meet the challenges of business development and growth with qualified recruitment services.

According to the Sasha Solonina, the Project Manager of Pixies Studio, the business card design had to be bright and unique in order to stand out in the market and build friendly visual language.

Horeca Talents logo

The logo design is a combination of a key and a fork. Sasha explained, “The logo is meant to be a metaphor that the key to business success lies in high-quality staff recruitment. The fork, on the other hand, symbolizes the restaurant industry.”

The logotype was custom-designed specifically for this project, “It’s artful and unique to show that the company is searching for real talents.”

The back of the business card comes in various designs. Apart from the logo itself, the brand also uses catchy illustrations to capture people’s attention.

“The illustrations are playful and bright to represent the brand’s character, and non-standard for recruitment agency.”

“The brand’s philosophy guides the project’s pop art aesthetic. The idea is to shock, elicit a smile and facilitate conversation. Due to that, we chose a vibrant and non-standard colour palette.”

When it comes to printing, Sasha recommended to have the business cards printed on thick matte cardboard with a glossy logo.

Horeca Talents business card_1Horeca Talents illustration_1Horeca Talents illustration_2Horeca Talents napkinHoreca Talents platesHoreca Talents

Designed by Pixies Studio

For Horeca Talents

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