Horchata de Chufa business cards

Horchata de Chufas Drink Brand Business Card

Tati designed these business cards for Horchata de Chufas, a delicious drink that’s very popular in Valencia, Spain.

The main ingredient in this refreshing drink is tigernut, which is why it’s also known as “tigernut milk.”

For such a beloved beverage in Spain, Tati has no doubt given it a lot of hearts (no pun intended) to make the brand as catchy and memorable as possible.


Logo Design and Mascot

According to Tati, the primary goal of the design was to create a warm and friendly brand image. What better way to achieve that than by using a mascot?

Tati humanised the brand by using a wide-eyed mascot with arms and legs in the shape of a bottle, adding a big grin that captures people’s attention and affection for the brand instantly. It also makes the brand more relatable and fun!

Tati explained, “I created the mascot for Horchata de Chufas as a friendly ambassador to bridge the gap between the product and the consumers.”

“This helps the brand to communicate its core values of tradition, authenticity, and natural ingredients in a way that resonates on a personal level.”

The adorable mascot is used as part of the brand logo too. However, Tati opted for a circular shape for the logo, which she explained gives the brand a unique look while also adds to the brand’s warm and welcoming vibe.

Horchata de Chufa logo_mascot



The typeface used for the logotype is called Spicy Rice font.

According to Tati, it was chosen to represent the Horchata de Chufa brand due to its playful and organic characteristics.

She said, “The curvy and slightly irregular letterforms of Spicy Rice font evoke a sense of naturalness and authenticity.”

“This aligns well with the brand’s emphasis on traditional and natural ingredients in their horchata products.”

The bold, curvy font is eye-catching and friendly enough to complement the overall branding. Not to mention, it also creates a good balance between the title and the body text as well!


Colour Palette

Tati chose black and light pink as the main colours for the business card design.

These colours perfectly complement each other and give the brand a sophisticated yet playful look.

Moreover, they give the brand that retro and harmonious vibe, letting the elements stand out from the white cardstock effectively.


Printing of Business Cards

While these business cards are part of the conceptual branding, Tati envisioned them to be printed using letterpress printing technique that add depth and elegance to the cards.

She continued, “By using letterpress printing, where the Spicy Rice font logotype and other design elements are pressed into the paper, it creates a tactile and visually appealing effect.”

“This technique adds a sense of craftsmanship and luxury as well, further emphasising the brand’s values.”

Overall, Tati’s design choices strategically transformed these lovely business cards into more than just a piece of paper. They are now a narrative, an introduction to a drink that’s more than a mere beverage. What a beautiful way to let a business card become a brand’s voice—unique, engaging, and ready to connect!


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Designed by Tati

For Horchata de Chufas

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