homely real estate business card

Homely Real Estate Business Card

Eddie Lobanovskiy designed these business cards for Homely, an internationally acclaimed real estate portal founded by Jason and Adam Spencer in Melbourne, Australia.

The company’s mission is to make the house-buying process an easy and joyful one. Therefore, the business card is designed to reflect this mission.

What’s catchy about Homely’s visual identity is the big smile on the logo. Thanks to a bright coloured (red) background, it’s pretty hard to miss!


Logo Design & Typography

The idea of combining the shape of a home with a warm smile is a clever one.

The logo was designed with simplicity in mind. It used the golden ratio design system by applying a 42° slant, with all corners and curves are rounded using the same radius.

The smile was constructed based on a circle with the same amount of width as the house icon.

homely logo

Speaking of the design process, Eddie said, “The process started at the moodboard with ideas and inspiration from all over the web.”

“Once we found out what vibes we liked from the moodboard, we began to play with concepts/layouts/colours etc.”

“Some explorations were serious, some were playful, and others were fun. It really depends on how the brand wanted to present itself.”

“Many revisions later… Boom! We all agreed (including the client) on something that works for the brand.”

The typography used for the visual identity are Corporate Typefaces, with the ITC Avant Garde Gothic used for the logotype.

The use of lowercase letters (for the brand name) makes the brand more approachable, friendly and casual.

The simple yet attractive logo (smiley house icon) plus the bright colour scheme are all exuding an optimistic vibe about being ‘homely’ and finding that happy place we call ‘home’.

These catchy minimalist business cards were printed by MOO.

Designed by Eddie Lobanovskiy at Unfold

Printed by MOO

For Homely

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