Hip Opsession business cards

Hip Opsession Dance/Music Event Business Card

Florian Gallou and Studio AA designed these business cards for Hip Opsession, a cultural event that showcases artists from around the world on two highlights – dance and music – related to hip hop culture.

Hip Opsession is one of Europe’s biggest festivals. This annual event celebrates the hip hop culture and takes place in February. A wide range of activities are planned during the festival’s duration, such as concerts, battles, film screenings, live performances, workshops, and exhibitions.

Hip Opsession logo

Logo Design

The logo is cleverly designed and appears timeless at the festival.

“It takes the rounded shape of a circle of dance battle, and both the ‘H’ of Hip Hop and the ‘S’ of session in a game of form and counter form,” Florian explained.

Hip Opsession logo

Colour Palette & Typography

The business card design is super striking with black and white against the holographic background. Explaining the idea behind this, Florian said, “The brand image is to represent the strongest contrast that can be imagined.”

“We decided to work with a ‘pure’ black and a holographic visual that refers to saturated colours that are usually found in RGB. The business card had to be a mix between these two worlds and translate this image of contrast.”

The typography used in the visual identity is called Basic Sans.

Hip Opsession business card2

Brand Application: Posters

Apart from the business cards, the two highlights of the festival are incorporated into the poster designs. According to Florian, the idea was to split the posters in two parts to represent the duality put forward during the festival.

The first part is ‘Dance’, in which dancers compete for the Hip Opsession trophy. Rather than depicting the dancer’s face on the poster, the artistic direction focuses on the body’s gestures, so only his legs are shown.

The second part of the festival is ‘Music,’ which includes concerts, meetings and exchanges on Hip Hop culture. This time the poster is reversed to reveal the upper body of a woman, who wears the logo of Hip Opsession.

As a result, this festival can look back on two noteworthy examples of visual communication under the guidance of the same artistic direction.

Hip Opsession postersHip Opsession poster_1

Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed on 350g Black Velin d’ARCHES paper via holographic foil stamping.

“The holographic texture is an essential element on the business card to maintain a consistent look throughout the design,” Florian added.

Hip Opsession business card3Hip Opsession stationeryHip Opsession hoodieHip Opsession tagsHip Opsession stickersHip Opsession branding

Designed by Florian Gallou and Studio AA

For Hip Opsession

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