Himmel & Havn Restaurant Business Cards

Himmel & Havn Restaurant Business Card

by north™ designed these business cards for Himmel & Havn, a restaurant that offers fine dining at the end of a fishing pier in Ballstad, Lofoten.

“The building housing the restaurant was in use for commercial fishing as late as 1986, therefore the place has a lot of history and personality,” said Morten Iveland, the Partner and Designer of by north™.

“They offer a modern take on traditional Norwegian cuisine, using high-quality local produce in their dishes.”

“In the restaurant there is also an eclectic collection of silverware and furniture, so we decided to tone down the visual identity to make as much room for the unique surroundings and the experience as possible.”

The typography used for the visual identity is called Beausite fit light.

These business cards were printed using Pantone colours on 350g Cyclus Offset; emboss by hand for each card.

The card produces a minimal, monochrome print with amazing opacity that brings out the necessary information.

Designed by Morten Iveland at by north™

For Himmel & Havn

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