Henrietta business card

Henrietta Restaurant Business Card

Juli Janny designed these business cards for Henrietta, a chicken restaurant serving quality food without additives.

“Henrietta wants their guests to have a good time, feel happy and forget about the stress they may have,” Juli said.

The business card is designed to portray the quality the client values, including its naturalness and friendliness.

Henrietta logoHenrietta colour palette

Speaking of the logo design, Juli said, “As it was a must for the client to have a chicken in the logo, I decided that this particular chicken has to be playful and relaxed/happy.”

“The illustration was made by Nadine. I knew her illustration style would fit perfectly to this description.”

“As a contrast to the playful illustration, I decided to use a sans serif font called Kapra for the logo. I just optimized the ‘R’ a little bit to make it a bit playful as well yet remained serious. With Adelle as the tagline, I think I’ve found a great pairing.”

“The patterns used can also be found in the chicken illustration, so there is always a connection to the logo. For the chosen colour palette, I also wanted to point out the quality, naturalness and friendliness of the brand.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “They would be letterpress-printed on heavyweight, uncoated, naturally textured paper.”

“I love letterpress because it feels so ‘real’. So I think, this printing technique would perfectly communicate the brand’s image (that it’s natural) by using quality food without additives,” Juli suggested.

Henrietta business cardHenrietta patternHenrietta menu

Designed by Juli Janny

Illustration by Nadine

For Henrietta

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