Haya Coffee business cards

HAYA Premium Coffee Business Card

Eva designed these business cards for HAYA, a coffee brand that sells premium coffee beans.

These business cards are elegant and classy. The minimalism of the card allows the embossing and foiling features to shine through flawlessly.

“I did this project for a client, but he never launched the business,” Eva said.

“I changed the name and the mark, but everything else stayed the same. It was supposed to be a very authentic coffee brand, like no other.”

“The target audience were people that enjoy coffee and love to treat themselves with high-quality products.”

“Haya would sell coffee beans, and a portion of the shop would be dedicated to brewing and serving coffee to customers.”


Naming and Logomark

According to Eva, “Haya” means ‘life’ because this is what the coffee represents and what it gives to the customers.

“The brand’s logomark was created from two letters ‘H.’ They represent the four roast levels of coffee beans: light roast, medium roast, medium-dark roast and dark roast.”

Haya Coffee packaging


Elegant Typography and Burgundy Red

The typeface used for the logotype is a semi-custom font with some luxury twists.

“We wanted to create a minimal yet elegant typeface that goes well with the brand’s image of authentic, high-quality coffee beans that all coffee lovers would need.”

The choice of using burgundy for a coffee brand as opposed to the standard brownish tones, is also a welcome change.

“We tried to stay away from the standard brown, light beige, or green for coffee brands.”

“The colour red was selected to show passion and the affection many people have for coffee.”

“Besides that, red is a bold color, and it’s often associated with something luxurious and expensive.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards are not printed. But if they were, Eva advised having them printed on thick burgundy red textured paper.

“The logotype would be embossed in gold foil, and the logomark would be blind embossed. Even the contact info would be in foil.”

“The idea behind this is to have that minimalistic yet very luxurious and unique touch for the cards.”


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Designed by Eva


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