Happy Dogs daycare business cards

Happy Dogs Daycare and Spa Business Card

Rafaela Sanchez designed these business cards for Happy Dogs Daycare and Spa, a dog daycare and spa centre based in New Jersey.

In addition to bathing and massaging, the brand offers blueberry facials, paw pad treatments and pedicures.

“The client was looking for a friendly and fun brand that would provide a clean and safe environment for their dogs, expressing joy and movement through a cute and modern visual identity,” Rafaela said.

Happy Dogs spa_man with dogHappy Dogs spa_girl with dog


Logo Design & Typography

The business cards effectively express a playful and friendly image, which is further highlighted by the cards’ rounded corners.

“Since the brand has symbols and typography with sinuous curves and no sharp edges, rounded corners can give the impression of a light, safe and fun brand,” Rafaela explained.

Chibi drawings and the Shiba-inu dog breed were used as inspiration for the logo. According to Rafaela, “The main inspiration comes from the customers’ photos and stock images. Also, the logo was designed using Fibonacci circles (or golden circles) for a more pleasing and geometric aesthetic.”

“The logo can also become a character of the brand, expressing the essence of the spa, where dogs are welcomed as if they were at home, and of course, happy.”

The logotype was created using the typeface More Magic. This cute and smooth hand-lettered, all-caps font is just right for this brand’s aesthetic. The secondary typeface is a rounded sans-serif called Dosis, which is used for the tagline.

Happy Dogs spa logo constructionHappy Dogs spa logo

Fun & Catchy Colour Palette

The main colours used for the business card design are orange and blue.

As Rafaela explained, “Orange is a colour of fun, sociability and playfulness. Van Gogh once said that there’s no orange without blue, referring to the way orange works most strongly when it is accompanied by blue.”

“This colour is also light and heat, where the clarity is not as high as yellow and the temperature is not as intense as red.”

“Blue, on the other hand, evokes feelings of calmness or serenity. It’s often described as peaceful, tranquil, safe and orderly. It’s also seen as a symbol of stability and reliability.”

Happy Dogs spa_slogan

Pink and green are two other colours that appear frequently in the company’s branding.

“Pink is the colour of sensitivity and kindness, representing affection and delicacy. As for green, it conveys neutrality, being between blue and red, acting in a way that calms and portrays security.”

Rafaela recommended that the business cards be printed on a plastic material or a frost PVC card, both with two-sided UV printing, because they could be eventually wet or even chewed by the pet.


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Designed by Rafaela Sanchez at Clementina Design

For Happy Dogs Daycare and Spa

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