Hangeleven coffee business cards

Hangeleven Coffee Shop Business Card

Stayc Sinclair designed these business cards for Hangeleven Coffee, a small café in Currumbin Waters, Australia.

Hangeleven Coffee is locally known as the best Australian grown, organic coffee beans.

“The client wanted their brand to be retro, channelling the 70s surf culture and lifestyle. Their business cards are designed to be bright and bold, with reference to the calming and laid back nature of the ocean,” Stayc said.

Hangeleven coffee branding

Logo Design

According to Stayc, the inspiration behind the Hangeleven logo was in reference to ‘hanging ten’. Hanging ten (or hang ten) is a nickname given, especially in surfing, in which the surfer hang all ten toes over the edge of the surfboard.

“We wanted to play on the hang ten symbol by adding an extra finger to the ‘shaka’ hand. Therefore, making it ‘hang eleven’.”

(Note: Shaka hand sign is a friendly gesture – curling three middle fingers while extending thumb and little finger – that often associated with Hawaii and surf culture.)

Hangeleven_coffee logo3Hangeleven_coffee logo2

The typeface used in the business card design is called El Camino (bold, regular, soft edge caps, slim).

The fonts are beautifully paired with each other and not to mention, the colour palette is equally stunning and eye-catching!

These business cards were printed on 450gsm matt cardstock by Copirite Design in Bundall, Gold Coast.

Hangeleven coffee business cardsHangeleven_coffee logo1Hangeleven coffee packaging Hangeleven Coffee packaging2 Hangeleven coffee digital media

Designed by Stayc Sinclair at Bona Fide Design Co

Printed by Copirite Design

For Hangeleven Coffee

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