Hal2 Interior Design Studio Business Card

George&Harrison designed these business cards for Hal2, an interior design studio active in the B2B and consumer market.

Hal2 tailor-made interior concepts that reflect the client’s identity. It is located on Hallenweg, one of Eindhoven’s best-preserved streets.

The brand name, Hal2, originated from its location. It’s literally the second Hal (“hall”) on Hallenweg. This area is home to a wide range of creative businesses, industries, and housing options.

Hal2 aims to provide clients with an out-of-the-box approach when it comes to creating ambitious and characteristic interiors. Due to that, the stationery design, especially the business card, is designed to convey a sense of sophistication and clarity.

Hal2 business card1Hal2 business card2


The timeless and futuristic business card design not only shows flexibility, but the sustainability character of the brand as well. On the back of the business card, a unique typographic layout highlights the variety of design concepts that Hal2 offers their clients.

“The visual identity represents the ability of Hal2 to create a distinctive and customised layout for each space. The four letters of the logo are encapsulated in frames, referring to the design and layout of spaces,” said Martijn Maas, the Creative Director of George&Harrison.

“This flexible system of expressive compositions are used across various applications and establishes a unified brand presence.”


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Hal2 logo

Colour Palette

The colours of the brand are meant to exude both a professional and a homey vibe.

To match the studio’s passion for craftsmanship and tactility, all physical assets were produced with the utmost attention to detail.

For instance, the ring binder has a holographic foil finish on the cover and spine; the abstract line drawings refer to Hal2’s daily design practice, using details of furniture, patterns and tools.

These business cards were printed on G.F Smith Colorplan paper by Booxs, a printing company in Netherlands.

Hal2 business cardHal2 branding_bagHal2 branding 2Hal2 branding3Hal2 files

Designed by George&Harrison

Printed by Booxs

For Hal2

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