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Gulp Chilli Oil Business Card

Tais Kahatt designed these business cards for Gulp, a Sichuan chilli oil inspired by street Asian food destined to give real flavour to every meal.

The business card design opted for a vertical layout while using bright red to capture people’s attention.

“The brand was inspired by memories of eating street food,” Tais said.

“The name “Gulp”, a verb, means to swallow quickly, and it’s impossible not to gulp down this condiment.”

“That’s why the illustration and overall branding reflect exactly that.”

“The idea of fiery and deliciously aromatic Sichuan chilli oil makes everything absolutely delicious; destined to be drizzled over everything.”

Gulp logo


Typography & Striking Colours

The typography used for the visual identity is a combination of serif and sans serif fonts, with ITC Garamond as the primary typeface and Suisse Int’l as the secondary typeface.

“Inspired by street Asian food graphics, the combination of typography, minimal layout, the messy illustration and handwritten details, all represent what the product is about – street food in a jar.”

Tais chose red as the main colour as the brand was based on street Asian food graphics, where you see red the most.

“And also, since the main purpose of the product is to “give flavor”, I used red details (the sauce) on a beige or nearly white background to achieve that sensation.”

For card-printing, Tais suggested, “Since Gulp is street food based, we’ll use special textured paper (as in the label) but keep it simple on the printing techniques.”


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Designed by Tais Kahatt

For Gulp

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