Guajira business card

Guajira Restaurant Business Card

Wikka designed these business cards for Guajira, a restaurant in Cancún, Mexico.

According to Wikka, this branding project was under the direction of Golpeavisa.

“Our client wanted to have a fancy but fresh vibe,” said the designers at Wikka.

“The food and the restaurant’s look and feel were inspired by the Caribbean cuisine so we designed everything to make you feel like you are in the best place to enjoy good food and to have a good time.”

The logo is creatively designed to match the brand’s vibrant and natural feel. Blue, as the main colour, brings a relaxing vibe.

These business cards were screen-printed on cotton paper by IndiGraphics in Cancún.


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Guajira stationery2Guajira logotype

Designed by Wikka

Printed by IndiGraphics

For Guajira – Cocina de Apapacho

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