Groveneer Oak wooden texture Business Card

Groveneer Oak Business Card

Helene Vetik designed these business cards for Groveneer, a company that produces fully finished ‘peel and paste’ natural oak sticker sheets in Estonia.

Groveneer offers the best way to bring natural wood to customer’s home, after cutting the sheets in shapes that make it easy to create thousands of different patterns.

In order to better represent the brand’s identity and the product it offers, Helene incorporated the wooden appearance on the business card design.

That way, it gives the business card more dimension and it matches the company’s slogan perfectly, “cover anything with wood.”

“The business cards are designed directly on the product which the client, Groveneer, produces,” Helene said.

“It’s a natural oak wood sticker sheet that can be applied on walls and furniture and it is thin enough to be printed on. The graphic design itself was inspired by artisan woodcrafters.”


The Printing of Business Cards

Digiprint Estonia printed these business cards via UV printing technique.

“It looks similar to silkscreen printing but it doesn’t need any of the hassle with paint and frames – everything is printed digitally.”

“You can print light thick colors on almost any textures from wood to iron. That’s why it was perfect for natural wooden business cards.”

“The only difficulty was cutting the cards in shape, as a laser cutter would have burnt the wood, so our team had to cut the cards with a blade.”

This is a business card design with distinct visual impact and no doubt, helps people to remember the brand better due to its unique outlook.


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Designed by Helene Vetik at Hmmm Creative Studio

Printed by Digiprint Estonia

For Groveneer

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