Grey Rabbit Design business cards

Grey Rabbit Design & Event Stationery Business Card

Emily Burchill designed these business cards for her design business, Grey Rabbit, which specialises in brand design and event stationery.

The business card design is delicate, with a lovely bunny silhouette as the centre of attraction!

Emily offers business branding and wedding invitations in Perth, Australia. She has a soft spot for elegant stationery and vintage illustrations.

Her design style mixes modern aesthetics with nostalgic influences. She also works with clients on everything from design to print management.


Brand Image and Logo Design

According to Emily, she wishes to portray a timeless, friendly, and high-quality brand image through the business card.

“My logo is based on a painting of my own pet rabbit by the artist, Celene Bridge,” Emily said.

“My original logo included the detailed painting, but since rebranding, I have opted for a simplified silhouette.”


Typography and Colour Palette

The typeface used for the logotype is based on Core Magic.

Emily selected this bold, serif font to display a classic yet contemporary look.

Another interesting element is the colour selection for the business card.

Instead of using grey as the brand name, Emily went with her favourite colour – blue.

She explained, “My branding is something I hold personally; it brings me a sense of happiness and calm.”

“It also ties in to my work in the wedding industry.”

“Couples are moving away from strict tradition, which I feel is positive.”

“However, I like the idea of being ‘Something Blue’ for those who have me contribute to their special day.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were offset printed with CMYK ink on 450gsm board, with velvet lamination on both sides and raised UV applied to one (side).

“My favourite print process is letterpress, but for exhibitions and bridal fairs, I like to have a more cost-effective, offset printed option,” Emily said.

“The velvet laminate contrasted with a blind, raised spot UV offers an immediate appeal to touch and sight, often getting a second look from the card recipients.”

Emily’s new business card embraces minimalism and gives her brand the contemporary vibe it needs to make a lasting impression!


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Grey Rabbit Design business card  

Designed by Emily Burchill (Grey Rabbit Design)

For Grey Rabbit Design

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