Green Jeans business card

Green Jeans Denim Company Business Card

Marquis Odobas designed these business cards for Green Jeans, an ethical and sustainable denim company.

With Green Jeans, the company aims to provide jeans that are meant to last; that are considered ‘slow fashion’ and good for the planet.

The business card design exudes a surfer vibe while maintaining an organic feel with a hand written typeface.

Green Jeans logo

It’s particularly interesting that the card design is still able to keep the design ‘green’ and eco-friendly, even without using green colour in conjunction with the brand name.

“We’ve taken inspiration from California beaches for this branding,” Marquis explained. “Our colour palette resembles sandy beaches, the ocean and the sunset.”

“To give the logo a more natural, organic feel, we chose a typeface called Woodland.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “They would be printed on recycled paper with a matte finish to align with the business values and aesthetic,” Marquis suggested.


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Designed by Marquis Odobas

For Green Jeans

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