Grazioli Gaëlia illustrator business cards

Grazioli Gaëlia Illustrator Business Card

Por Qué No designed these business cards for Grazioli Gaëlia, an illustrator based in Lyon, France.

These illustrator business cards feature a bold colour scheme and a stylish font to draw focus to the card owner’s brand.


The Brand’s Image

According to Gabriela Laurent, the co-founder of Por Qué No, their client has been drawing since forever, passionate about illustrations since childhood.

“Grazioli comes from Cahors, a village in France. Her illustrative style is all about the lines.”

“Most of her work is nature-themed, such as forests, plants, and also women.”

“It’s clean, not too much colour, and there are some abstract shapes as well. It’s light and naive.”


Modern Typography

It’s natural for an illustrator’s card to be filled with drawings and sketches. For Grazioli, she took a different approach to being memorable and showcasing her unique personality.

The brand’s monogram contains two “G”s, signifying the client’s initials. These “G”s are arranged in a way that makes them readable from both sides.

As Gabriela puts it, “The identity stays clean, simple, and serious.”

“However, the font of the typography and the monogram add a creative and artistic look to it.”

The typeface used for the logotype is a display font called Brams.

“The font is curvy and elegant to recall the client’s illustrative styles of woman and the nature.”

Grazioli Gaëlia businesscard and authenticity card


Contrasting Colours

Green and pink are primarily used in this visual identity.

“We went with pink and green because Grazioli loves complementary colours, and she loves to play with them,” Gabriela explained.

“Pink is used for communication, tenderness, sensuality, gentleness and to evoke the idea of the woman.”

“It also conveys energy, motivates dynamic emotions and encourages creativity.”

“Green is selected to evoke concepts of nature, rest and youth.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Imprimerie Chauvat-Bertau, a printing company in Paris, France.

“The business cards were printed using Sugar Pink 657 (from Foilco) on 380gsm Extract Paper* from G. F Smith.”

Note (*): Extract paper is produced through a combination of chemistry and artistry that recycles paper coffee cups and transforms them into beautiful paper.

“We decided to use textured paper for the business cards as the client loves reliefs and textures.”

“The authenticity cards were printed on Old Mill, an uncoated paper by Fedrigoni Paper.”


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Grazioli Gaëlia illustrator logotypeGrazioli Gaëlia illustrator_authenticity cardGrazioli Gaëlia business card and authenticity card

Designed by Por Qué No

Printed by Imprimerie Chauvat-Bertau

Designed by Grazioli Gaëlia

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