Grano restaurant business card

Grano Restaurant Business Card

Makó Lehel Mór of Brandmór designed these business cards for Grano, an Italian restaurant in Bucharest, Romania.

Grano was once a deli shop and had now grown into a small restaurant, in which the business owners were trying to redefine an essential human need through passion for Italian cuisine.

When speaking about the inspiration behind the concept, Makó said, “The client (GRANO), actually, they are 3 friends from Italy who are now living in Bucharest, Romania. So, you can imagine the design inspiration came from the Italian and Romanian way of life – Italian food and ingredients with the coziness and warm, family-like feeling from Romania.”

Grano business cards were printed using recyclable, 400g paper and there’s a good reason for that too.

“The restaurant is focusing on the environment and it is engaged in the fight against pollution,” Makó explained.

“Therefore, it was very important that the business cards would be printed on highly recyclable paper.”

The illustration of a braided twine tied in a bow knot made Grano business cards look unique and trendy. An eco-friendly design that’s not to be missed!

Grano restaurant branding Grano restaurant logo

Designed by Makó Lehel Mór of Brandmór

For Grano (Osteria in Bucharest, Romania)

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