Golden Days Photography business card

Golden Days Collective Photography Business Card

Kate Walsham designed these business cards for Golden Days Collective, a photography service based in North Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The photographer’s business card design is minimal yet sophisticated. The arch-shaped business card is definitely a clever choice to make the brand stand out while looking classic!

“Golden Days Collective is a photography company aiming to artistically capture fleeting moments that their clients can feel, inspired by movement and golden light,” Kate said.


Logo Design and Brand Image

Britt, the owner of the brand, is a professional photographer who specializes in capturing beautiful moments of expectant mothers, newborn babies, and family photos. As Kate puts it, Britt has a style that reflects her clients’ journeys in an authentic way.

“Britt really wanted her branding to capture the golden light that she aims to capture through her photography.”

“She only does sunrise or sunset photography so she can ensure the light is always at its best point – golden hour at its peak.”

“The logo stands for the golden light that she wishes to capture with her photography.”

Golden Days Photography logo


The Arch Shaped Business Card

The business card’s unique arch shape gives the brand another winning edge when it comes to expressing a natural and authentic vibe, which is in keeping with the brand owner’s style of photography.

“We wanted something different and memorable for Britt’s business card,” Kate explained.

“Obviously, many people opt for a landscape business card, so we knew it definitely had to be on a portrait layout.”

“We really wanted to accentuate the arch of the logo and decided the arch shaped business card was the best way to do so.”


Elegant Typography

According to Kate, the main typeface used for the brand is Carla Sans, which is a font purchased from Creative Market.

“I also manipulated the text so it was truly unique to her brand, as we wanted something that was modern and elegant.”

The logotype is positioned strategically below the logo, with enough negative space between them and the contact details, making this one of those timeless and effective one-sided business cards.


Earthy Colours and Custom Die-Cut Printing

The colour palette Kate selected for her client was earthy and neutral.

She explained, “Being an outdoor photographer, the client seeks out spaces with these earthy colours and textures. Her editing style also uses these neutral tones.”

These business cards were printed on matte 350 gsm card stock with a custom arch shape die cut.


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Designed by Kate Walsham at Two Creativ

For Golden Days Collective

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