GOLBA business card

Golba Architecture Business Card

Nathalia Ultramar designed these business cards for Golba, a Goiânia-based architecture company that aims to translate dreams into unique spaces.

According to Nathalia, the aim of the design was to build a young, creative and welcoming identity.

GOLBA business card_2GOLBA logos

“The typeface used for the logotype is Display Haimat. I made some changes to it, mainly the letter ‘A’, to bring even more personality to the project. With a minimalist and pragmatic logo, we managed to convey some of the lightness and timelessness of the brand.”

“The feminine palette, along with warm colours, give more personality and energy to the branding as well.”

Apart from that, the geometric shapes and patterns are equally eye-catching. Explaining the design inspiration behind them, Nathalia said, “They were inspired by the cobogós, which are perforated brick or hollow elements made of cement used in the construction of walls or facades. Through the patterns, the heritage of Brazilian modernist architecture was expressed.”

These business cards were printed by FuturaIM, an online printer in Brazil.

“The cards were printed on 300gsm matte coated paper with matte lamination finish, and varnish on the logos on both sides of the card,” Nathalia said.

GOLBA business cardGOLBA stationeryGOLBA stationery2GOLBA logos_sloganGOLBA stationery3 GOLBA_ecobagGOLBA stickersGOLBA stationery4 GOLBA logo GOLBA file and cellular phone GOLBA digital media
Designed by Nathalia Ultramar

Printed by FuturaIM

For Golba

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