Glam By Karina business cards

Glam by Karina Brow Bar Business Card

MIFA Media designed these business cards for Glam by Karina, a lash and brow bar in New Jersey.

Karina is a lash artist. She’s the co-owner of Mooi Beauty Bar, in which the business is specializing in classic/volume lashes, lash lifts, brow lamination and brow tinting. She approached MIFA Media for the logo design.

“The inspiration behind the icon was the owner herself. The client wanted something elegant and sophisticated, but interesting with movement. Also, the design should be timeless so that the logo ages well,” said Mary, the owner of MIFA Media.

Typography & Colour Palette

Speaking of the typography used in the visual identity, she continued, “The script font for Glam is using Barrington while the serif font for By Karina is using the font called Nilad Beta Version. I did go into the font and edit it in some cases, such as the letter ‘K’.”

The brand uses mainly neutral colours for the brand identity. For that, Mary explained, “The client wanted a soft palette that resembled beauty and wasn’t bold and in your face. Therefore, I went with neutral colours to give off a sophisticated look. Plus, I was inspired by neutral eye shadow palettes. Besides that, the client also wanted to have gold in the logo as well.”

GlamByKarina gift cards2

Business Card Printing

These business cards were printed on 18pt cotton business cards by MOO. According to Mary, the paper is 100% recyclable and thick enough to make an impact.

When asked about other possible printing suggestions for the cards, she replied, “To make the brand pop more, I would suggest adding gold foil to ‘By Karina’. This will help to add more dimension to the card; along with being printed on soft touch paper and spot UV been added to the smaller elements on the card to create even more interest.”

The overall business card design is artistic, perfectly aligned with the business owner’s profession. By combining the word Glam with the icon, it gives a smooth, feminine and dynamic feel while expressing ‘glamour’ with golden stars. It’s an elegant card design that’s not to be missed!

Glam By Karina business cardGlamByKarina gift cards

Designed by Mary at MIFA Media

Printed by MOO

For Glam by Karina

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