Giulia Hartz business card

Giulia Hartz Illustrator Business Card

Giulia Hartz designed these business cards for her personal branding as a freelance illustrator and strategic designer based in Berlin, Germany.

When asked about the nature of her business, Giulia said, “My area of specialty is creating social media content for brands and illustrations for communication pieces in general.”

“Additionally, I support my clients with brand strategy and brand identity development, allowing them to present themselves in the most compelling way to their target groups.”

“On the side, I run my own online shop selling my designs.”

“I’m about to launch a Patreon and I work on social media building my own community.”

Giulia Hartz busines cards


Logo Design & Inspirations

Giulia’s business cards are simple yet lovely. By using her favourite colour, pink, she was able to express her brand in a personal, welcoming and memorable way.

And that’s not all.

“The idea of designing the business card comes directly from my logo which is a heart pierced by a pencil.”

“The logo comes from the desire of synthesizing my surname ‘Hartz’ (sounding similar to ‘Heart’), my obsession for heart shapes and my job being an illustrator, represented by the pencil.”

“Alternatively, it can be read as ‘illustrations that get to your heart’.” How clever!

“At the core of my branding and communication, I want people to interact with what I do and to have an overall warm feeling when they interface my world.”

“I want my work and my branding to be as consistent as possible and the business card is one important touch point of the experience.”

“Therefore, I did not want my business card to be another piece of paper in your wallet that you end up throwing away eventually.”

“My goal was to create an element that could be part of the storytelling of my brand and my work.”

“I wanted people to receive a business card and have a little present coming with it.”

“Something that they wanted to keep, not that they just had to.”

“As a result, I came up with the idea of translating my logo into a physical form.”

Giulia Hartz logoGiulia Hartz busines card3


Business Card Printing & Cutting

Giulia printed the business cards herself using Canon printer on 250g pink paper.

Next, she cut the paper into heart shapes with a friend’s silhouette cutter and ordered the pencils from a local shop in Berlin.

“Then, I put everything together myself. They are not perfect, but definitely made with love,” Giulia added.

To sum up, this is a heartfelt, creative DIY branding project that will leave a lasting impression for sure!


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Giulia Hartz busines cards1

Designed by Giulia Hartz

Printed by Giulia Hartz

For Giulia Hartz personal branding

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