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Geraldine Nunez Graphic Designer Business Card

Geraldine Nunez designed these business cards as part of her self-branding as a graphic designer based in Caracas, Venezuela.

Geraldine’s goal in this branding project is to reflect her character and personal style, especially in the logo design, to make it more authentic.

“I’ve been a graphic designer for four years. During that time, I’ve had two jobs, one of which was where I was able to learn a lot about logo design.”

“I was constantly designing logos, which gave me a good baseline for creative development and techniques to make a logo as professional as possible.”

“After that, I had the confidence to make my own logo that would define me as a designer. It took me about a month and a half to get the result I wanted.”

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A Friendly Brand Image

The business card design is super creative while featuring lively colours! It represents Geraldine’s attitude towards the projects that have been assigned to her, and also, showcases her expertise graphically, in a straight-forward approach.

“I wanted a fun and professional touch to my very own business card design,” Geraldine said.

“It’s also important for me to take into account these three words: creative, passion, and simplicity, which describe my personal brand and how I usually approach my design projects.”

A Self-Portrait Logo & Fun Pattern Design

Since illustration is one of Geraldine’s favourite types of graphic design, it makes sense that she would incorporate a lovely and memorable self-portrait into her logo design.

“Pinterest is my go-to source for inspiration. Using it, I always find the images that I feel I could use as a reference for my designs.”

“I remember looking for illustrated logos on Pinterest, because I knew I wanted to show how much I love illustration in my branding.”

Geraldine logo design

“So, from that, I was able to come up with my own unique illustrative logo, which captures the essence of my skills, tastes and personality, all in a single image.”

Apart from that, it’s also clear that the logo expresses a sense of confidence and joy, something that Geraldine would like to be associated with when meeting her prospects.

As for the pattern design, Geraldine explained, “I designed the pattern with parts of the logo, so it represents what I explained above.”

“However, I also wanted to apply a fun and varied design that manages to expand the ‘universe’ of my brand, so I can use it as a decorative element in any graphic design.”


A Simple & Legible Typography

The typeface used in the visual identity is Montserrat, one of Geraldine’s favourite fonts.

“I love Montserrat because it represents minimalism, which makes it easy to read. It’s also a very rounded font, which inspires a friendly appearance, and that brings a lot of value to the brand,” she shared.

Geraldine BusinessCard_01


A Striking Colour Palette

The colours used are black, pink and a light shade of orange. According to Geraldine,

“The colour selections need to have a strong contrast (between a vivid and saturated colour and black), so my logo, business card, or any graphic piece can look bold and vivid.”

“They also represent warmth, passion and professionalism.”

By opting for rounded edges, these business cards have given Geraldine’s identity a more friendly feel.

Overall, this is a personal yet outstanding business card design that’s managed to capture people’s attention!


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Designed by Geraldine Nunez

For Geraldine Nunez personal branding

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