Georgie Boy Floral Studio business cards

Georgie Boy Floral Studio Business Card

Sigiriya Brown and Daniel Smith designed these classy business cards for Georgie Boy, a Melbourne-based floral studio led by Gina Lasker.

Georgie Boy’s focus is to enhance or completely re-create spaces through the use of the seasonal flora gathered from the vast Australian landscape.

These copper-foiled business cards are beautifully designed with bold typography and a unique pattern.

“We created a wordmark and subsequent visual identity to celebrate the spacial thinking with which Georgie Boy approach their work,” shared Daniel Smith and Sigiriya Brown, the owners of Both Studio.

“The resulting identity can be viewed and appreciated from all angles in much the same way as the floral installations Georgie Boy create.”

Georgie Boy Floral Studio business card_1


Pattern Design and Business Card Printing

To make the design even more appealing, bronze foil was applied to the business card not just to bring out the logo, but also the beautiful pattern behind it.

Daniel and Sigiriya explained, “Inspired by Gina’s appreciation for the diversity and unique qualities of all plant life, we created a pattern based on electron microscope slides of plant cells which was then bronze foiled onto the business cards as a counterpoint to the otherwise type-driven identity.” How brilliant!

These business cards were printed by Press Print with a bronze foil and white digital ink on Colorplan Chocolate Brown, duplexed to 540gsm.


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Georgie Boy Floral Studio business cardGeorgie Boy Floral Studio letterhead

Designed by Sigiriya Brown and Daniel Smith at Both (formerly known as Mildred & Duck)

Printed by Press Print 

For Georgie Boy

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