Gemini business card

Gemini Advertising Business Card

Gemini designed these business cards for their corporate branding as an advertising agency based in Cap-aux-Meules, Quebec.

Gemini’s aim was to create minimalistic, sharp and premium looking cards. According to Dany Bouffard, the Founder of Gemini, these business cards align with the entire branding project from start to finish.

“Gemini’s idea was to incorporate virtual, web-based reality features on the business cards, by using the technology of the SnapPress app (augmented reality). With this option, a lot of information can be added, and the print on the card also connects to the company’s web platform.”

“We also decided to add a little twist and playfulness to the overall card design with the use of illustrations,” Dany added.

These business cards were printed on 24 pts cardboard.

“On one side, hot stamping with holographic foil was used; and on the other, it was printed in 4-colour process, with only black being used, a little touch of red, and some silver foil on the edges,” Dany said.

Gemini ARGemini logoGemini business cards

Designed by Gemini

For Gemini corporate branding

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