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Galerie Clinic’s Business Card: Modern & Creative

Sofia Silva designed these business cards for Galeric Clinic, an aesthetic clinic that offers a wide range of aesthetic and health services based in Porto, Portugal.

Dr. Rita Seco, renowned for her expertise in aesthetic medicine, founded the clinic with a vision centred around positivism, creativity and authenticity.

In order to express the identity effectively, Sofia created an identity that’s characterised by a modern, vibrant, and bold approach, complemented by delicate organic lines to capture the brand’s positive and creative spirit.

The business cards are just as stunning and unique as the clinic’s approach to aesthetics. Let’s find out!


Logo Design & Brand Image

The clinic’s logo features a captivating “G” symbol with an organic form.

According to Sofia, the letter “G” was modified from the Cheee font.

“The selection of this organic form takes inspiration from the clinic’s distinctive architecture, renowned for its curvilinear and symmetrical elements.”

“With its organic shape and repeating symmetrical pattern, the symbol resembles an abstract work of art, mirroring both the ambiance and character of Galerie Clinic’s creative attitude.”

Sofia’s attention to detail successfully ensures the depiction accurately reflects the client’s desire to offer outstanding experiences that fully incorporate aesthetics into their service delivery.

Galerie Aesthetic Clinic business card


Typography & Colour Palette

The logotype employs the Forma DJR font, known for its rationality tempered by warmth.

It aligns seamlessly with Galerie Clinic’s vision and values.

As for the colours featured on the business card—orange, black, and white—they are the primary hues of the Galerie Clinic brand.

Sofia explained, “The use of orange and white aims to convey Galerie Clinic’s modern, vibrant, and bold approach, complemented by delicate organic elements that capture the brand’s positive and creative spirit.”

Not to mention, the striking colour combination ensures the memorability of the brand as well!

Galerie Clinic_beauty products


The Creative Use of Negative Space

Another fine element worth mentioning about this business card design is the creative use of the negative space on the cards.

Sofia said that the goal behind this is for the logo to be the focal point while also being presented discreetly. Due to this, the negative space is utilized as a graphic element within the symbol.

She continued, “The symbol employs the embossed technique, determining the framing and composition of the card.”

“The printing of the name ‘Galerie Clinic’ on the side completes the symbol, showcasing the full logo (symbol plus logotype).”

“The front uses only vibrant orange, while the back is identical to the front, containing contact information aligned at the bottom.”


Printing of Business Cards

By using the blind embossed printing technique, Sofia is able to create a beautiful raised texture on one side of the card while creating depressed impression on the other.

The business cards were edge-painted in orange to add a final touch of sophistication to the overall design.

This is clearly one of those modern and elegant designs that not only turn heads but also manage to show the brand’s commitment to excellence and creative spirit!


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Designed by Sofia Silva

For Galerie Clinic

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